What career do you want?

Do you have a career in mind? Even if you do not know exactly what career you want to do, you might know which industry you are interested in. If you study a subject you enjoy, are good at it and want to pursue it in the future, it’s easier to stay focused and work hard.

Alternatively, you can pursue something different which relates to your future aspirations. Research your career ideas before you decide.

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What will you do after this course?

The course you will choose now might lead directly into employment, but for many it will be the stepping stone for further study and training in the future, ultimately leading into a career with good prospects. Think about what you might be able to do next and how it will help you to progress.

If you want to go on to study at university will this course lead you there? If you want to go into work, will you gain the skills and knowledge you need? If you are on an entry-level course, are there opportunities to go on to further training or employment?

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Specialist facilities

You need to feel comfortable where you are learning so think about the environment you will be working in and your chosen campus.

If you want to learn about a particular industry, you have specialist facilities and lecturers with experience in the profession to help you learn.

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