Our higher education (HE) centres

The University Centre operates across all our campuses and is the base for the majority of our Higher Education (HE) courses.

Our Ashley Down Centre offers a dedicated HE environment where students can come together as a community and experience HE teaching and learning. Resources include:

  • Designated classrooms
  • Student study spaces
  • Dedicated computer rooms
  • Drop-in computer room for personal study
  • Breakout area with large TV screen, vending machines and sofas
  • An area accessible only to HE students.

The University Centre is the best place to go to meet other HE students around the College, and to access popular facilities like the study centre, refectory, and our hair and beauty salons.

Our College Green Centre offers a wide range of digital facilities for specialist Creative and Media HE courses and our Aeronautical Engineering Centre at Parkway offers top-of-the-range facilities for HE Aeronautical courses. ​​ We are also offering an HNC Computer Networking course at our SBSA campus.