Course overview

Craft Bricklayer Level 3 Apprenticeship City of Bristol College

Our Craft Bricklaying Apprenticeship equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the built environment, covering new builds, refurbishments and heritage projects.

Students will learn to construct and repair complex masonry features, plan and organise work sites, supervise teams and ensure that quality and safety standards are followed.

The course emphasises technical expertise, sustainability and effective collaboration with other construction professionals.

Graduates will be prepared for roles such as:
– Craft Bricklayer
– Foreman Bricklayer
– Senior Bricklayer

Additional information

Who is this course for?

This apprenticeship is designed for individuals seeking to develop advanced skills in bricklaying within the construction industry.

It is ideal for those who:
– Have completed the Level 2 brick standard qualification and wish to gain comprehensive training and hands-on experience in bricklaying
– Have some prior experience in construction or bricklaying and want to formalise their skills and knowledge to advance their careers
– Aspire to become technical experts in masonry, capable of planning, organising and supervising construction projects
– Aim to work on diverse projects, ranging from domestic features and listed building repairs to large-scale commercial developments
– Are committed to quality workmanship, safety standards and sustainable construction practices
– Desire to take on leadership roles such as Craft Bricklayer, Foreman Bricklayer, or Senior Bricklayer

This apprenticeship is suited for individuals who enjoy working outdoors, have good hand-eye coordination and possess problem-solving skills.

What you'll learn

During this apprenticeship, you will learn:
– Bricklaying Techniques: Setting out and laying bricks, blocks, and other materials
– Constructing and repairing complex walls and masonry features such as chimneys, arches, and decorative masonry
– Project Planning and Organisation: Planning and organising work sites for yourself and your team
– Verifying the quality of work within your team
– Technical Expertise: Providing technical direction and advice on work approaches and problem-solving
– Understanding and applying different facework types, techniques and materials.
– Quality Control: Ensuring the products created meet high standards, specifications, and design plans
– Conducting quality checks and making necessary adjustments
– Safety and Compliance: Adhering to health, safety and wellbeing standards for yourself and others
– Implementing safety practices while working at heights and in various weather conditions
– Sustainable Construction: Considering the environment and sustainability of materials
– Promoting waste awareness and recycling on construction sites
– Collaboration and Communication: Interacting with immediate team members and site management on all masonry aspects
– Liaising with other construction trades, such as carpenters and roofers, and professionals like site engineers, architects, and building control surveyors
– Leadership Skills: Supervising and guiding less experienced team members
– Taking on roles such as Craft Bricklayer, Foreman Bricklayer, or Senior Bricklayer

Course entry requirements

– Level 2 Bricklaying Apprenticeship
– GCSEs in Maths and English at Level 4, Functional skill Level 2 or willingness to work towards this

How is the course delivered and assessed?

The course will be delivered over eight one-week blocks throughout the year along with workplace visits from our trainer to ensure progress in the workplace.

Future career and study opportunities

Leadership and Management.

Additional costs

There will be additional costs for PPE. 

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