Course overview

Psychology A Level City of Bristol College

Do you want to understand why people think, feel and act the way they do? Through psychology, the scientific study of mind and behaviour, you will gain an insight into people’s behaviour. You will develop a range of academic skills while gaining a qualification that both employers and universities hold in high regard.

This course is an option within our business and law, science and social science A Level pathways.

  • Science Pathway course code: ALSCIENCE
  • Social Science Pathway course code: ALSOCIALSCI
  • Business and Law Pathway course code: ALBUS&LAW

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Additional information

Who is this course for?

Suitable for 16-18 year old students who have an interest in human behaviour and enjoy studying a subject that is relevant to their own lives and experiences.

What you'll learn

This two-year, full-time course contains a number of very interesting topics that will challenge your thinking. For example:

  • Why might we conform to a group or obey an authority figure even if we don’t agree with them?
  • Why do we develop a phobia?
  • How does our memory work?

Psychology is a science and so this course will examine the scientific process. There are also elements of Maths involved, such as the study of research methods. You will be encouraged to develop as an active learner and increase your use of skills such as discussion, evaluation and analysis.

Course entry requirements

To join this course you will need six GCSE’s at Grade 4 (C) or above, including Maths and English. However, you will also need a Grade 6 (B) or above in either Science or Maths.

How is the course delivered and assessed?

Psychology is the science of mind and behaviour so you will spend a good deal of your time outlining and evaluating theories and research evidence. This means you will be able to explain what psychologists have discovered and discuss how they developed their theories. This course is assessed by examinations.

Future career and study opportunities

This A Level course will enhance your employment prospects and prepare you for a degree in Psychology or a related subject.

Psychologists work in many areas of society such as business, health, education and sport. By employing scientific methods and knowledge about human behaviour and the human mind, psychologists develop procedures and therapies to treat many problems and to maximize ideal mental health.

Additional costs

This course is free to anyone aged 16-18. There is no formal list of additional costs. However, if you are on a limited income, you may be eligible to receive help with these costs from our Learner Support Funding Bursary.

To keep everyone safe, we’ve reduced the number of people in our buildings at one time. Most of our courses include sessions taught at the college supported by online learning. 

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