Course overview

Bridge to Vocationals City of Bristol College

This is an inclusive course for students who want to learn skills in vocational-related subjects alongside their Maths, English and Independent skills. 

This course is for students studying at Entry Level. 

The course typically runs over three or four days.

There will often be a Learning Assistant available to support students in the classroom and during break times. 

Students will be encouraged to develop skills in teamwork, communication, life skills and social skills. 

Dates and applications

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Bridge to Vocationals SBSA and Construction Centre
Course Code
02/09/2024 - 01/07/2025
1 years
Date/Day(s) Being Finalised
Hours per week
Start Time
SBSA and Construction Centre
This course is still in its planning phase; course details - including fee information - are subject to change. In June, course details will be finalised and enrolment will open.
Course Code Dates Duration Days Hours per week Start Time Location Fee
LMF1558C00-1 02/09/2024 - 01/07/2025 1 years Date/Day(s) Being Finalised 17.50 Enquire SBSA and Construction Centre
This course is still in its planning phase; course details - including fee information - are subject to change. In June, course details will be finalised and enrolment will open.

Additional information

Who is this course for?

The course is suitable for young adults (aged 16-24) who have an additional learning need and/or a disability and want to develop their life skills and employability skills at a pace and level that is suits them as an individual.  

What you'll learn

Life and Social Skills

In these sessions, you will learn a number of crucial, transferable skills that will help you throughout adulthood. This may include teamwork, communication, organisation and money management. 


In these sessions, you will learn the skills needed to get a job, such as how to give good customer service, personal hygiene, and safety in the workplace a dis you discover what your skills and qualities are. 


Options could include subjects such as: Drama, Art, Cookery, Retail and business, World Studies, and Working with People. 

Tutorial time

Students will take part in Topical Talks, which will enhance their personal development. 


Course entry requirements

We will invite you to a course information meeting event where you will receive information, advice, and guidance about the course you have applied for. This will be an opportunity for you to gain valuable information about the course and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

You will provide a copy of your last school report and / or a reference from an employer or relevant professional other. This is to ensure we can support you to be able to achieve well on the course.

Don’t have any formal qualifications? Don’t worry, let us know and we can assess you to ensure you will be able to achieve well on the course.

We are firmly committed to finding the right course for you to ensure you can flourish! Talk to us today if you have any concerns about the application process, we are here to help take you to the next level.

How is the course delivered and assessed?

As part of the Bridge to Vocationals course, students must complete Maths and English sessions, with an aim to completing a Functional Skills qualification by the end of the academic year.  

Students will complete a vocational course, which will be assessed through RARPA. 


Future career and study opportunities

Most students will progress onto our Pathways to Employment course. 

Additional costs

If any additional costs may be incurred, this will be discussed with the tutor in advance of the activity. 

  • Career Coach
    For guidance on which career path to take, to explore career options related to our courses, find out which careers are in demand, and then get the training you need.

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