Support for students with additional needs

You don’t have to use the word disabled to describe yourself in order to access support. You could be entitled to it for other reasons, for example, if you have mental health issues, any kind of medical support needs, learning difficulties or social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD).

You can refer yourself for support by using our contact form. Alternatively, a member of staff can refer you if they have your agreement.

We will meet with you to talk about your support needs, find out what type of support you’ve had in the past and discuss what adjustments you think you might need at the College.

We’ll tailor our support to suit your needs

Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Advising your teaching staff on what adjustments to make to improve your learning experience
  • Providing you with personal care
  • Arranging medical support for you
  • Providing you with assistive technology to help with your studies (hardware, software or other equipment)
  • Arranging out-of-class tutorials from our specialist staff
  • Agreeing your Personal Emergency and Egress Plan (PEEP)
  • Offering you reduced class sizes (e.g. Entry Level courses)
  • If you’re an international student with additional needs, we’ll meet with you before you start discuss your particular requirements.

Sight loss

We provide a range of specialist support for learners with a visual impairment including a range of assistive technology solutions, such as:

  • speech-to-text software
  • screen readers
  • screen magnifiers.

All information is available in accessible formats such as braille or large print, there are facilities for guide dogs, and guiding and orientation is available to familiarise yourself with the layout of your centre.

We can also take consideration of physical environments such as lighting, glare, consistency of layout and seating position.

Deaf and hearing

Our aim is to create an accessible learning environment for all learners, including those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Our Deaf and Hearing Support Service provides full sign language communication and note-taking support for D/deaf and hard of hearing learners.

Our communication support is available in all settings; in the classroom, in meetings with tutors, on educational visits and during all other types of College appointments.

We offer:

  • Communication in British Sign Language and Sign Supported English;
  • Manual or electronic note-taking;
  • Help with English in assignments;
  • Deaf awareness training for people working with D/deaf learners;
  • Access to specialist teachers for the D/deaf;
  • Adaptation of materials;
  • Special arrangements for exams and assessments;
  • Advice for subject tutors.

Find out more

Contact us by calling 0117 312 5186 or emailing

You can also refer yourself through our contact form.