Students in care

We tailor our support to your needs – from the moment you apply.

A dedicated member of the support team will:

  • offer guidance on course choices.
  • provide information and support to access your guaranteed bursary money.
  • liaise with key people: your teachers, key worker, foster family and social worker.
  • give you guidance throughout your course.

What support can I receive?

Transition support

We can provide you with support and information for your transition into college. You will have contact with the support team, who can meet you before your interview, talk with you about choices and gather information from your school and those around you.

Dedicated support team

Our dedicated support team will support you throughout your time at College. We can work with you, your teachers, your key worker, foster family, social worker and the Virtual school, to help you get the best from your course and from life. We’ll give you information about other services in the College, for example welfare support or additional English and maths support, and we’ll assist you to access them should you need to.

Help with money

Whether you are a care leaver, or currently in care, you will qualify for the Guaranteed Bursary if you are aged between 16 and 18. Up until the age of 16, this goes directly to your school, but in post-16 education, it will come directly to you. We will go through a checklist of support with you and help you complete the forms, to ensure you receive the maximum financial support to which you are entitled.


We will help you make decisions about your next steps, whether you want to go on to another College course, university or employment.

Pledge to Young People in Care and Care Leavers

We promise to offer you the best education and college experience by:

  • Giving you support to apply for and receive the bursary, including money for travel.
  • Providing support for English and maths for as long as you need it.
  • Giving you opportunities to get in touch with other care leavers, if you want to.
  • Offering you mentors and training to become peer mentors.
  • Getting information to the right staff so they know how to support you well.
  • Giving you guidance and support around work experience and employment possibilities.
  • Working with you and other important people in your life, to help you succeed.

Download Pledge to Young People in Care and Care Leavers (pdf).

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about this support, please contact Kirsty Cross, our Designated Lead for Children in Care and Care Leavers. Call 0117 312 5017 or email

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