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Community Volunteering City of Bristol College

Welcome. Thank you for showing interest in the Community Volunteering course.

This short course covers many different aspects of volunteering that can help you to decide what to do or to further support the work you are already doing.

People volunteer for many different reasons and this course is designed to give a strong foundation to build from. The course links to working with people in the community in different ways, including employment.

Community work is unique in its challenges and volunteering is a fantastic way to start building your understanding.

We commence the course by building a community of trust in the group. We will cover why people volunteer and how motivation works and how important retention of volunteers is if you want to create your own group or lead a group and how to recruit volunteers.

We cover your aspirations, with a significant part of the course being discussion-based and encouraging community sharing of experiences. If you are looking for a course that covers working with people in the community and volunteering, this could be the perfect course for you.

Dates and applications

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Community Volunteering Ashley Down Centre
Course Code
09/01/2025 - 20/03/2025
10 weeks
Date/Day(s) Being Finalised
Hours per week
Start Time
Ashley Down Centre
The course fee is £180 but this can be paid for under certain circumstances, please contact us to discuss your options or visit our Financial Support page.
Course Code Dates Duration Days Hours per week Start Time Location Fee
CBP0317D01-2 09/01/2025 - 20/03/2025 10 weeks Date/Day(s) Being Finalised 4.50 13:30 Ashley Down Centre
The course fee is £180 but this can be paid for under certain circumstances, please contact us to discuss your options or visit our Financial Support page.

Additional information

Who is this course for?

This is a friendly course designed for adults aged 19+. It is aimed at people who want to start volunteering or for people who want to work in the community.

It is suitable for people who are already active in the community to build and develop skills and techniques.

What you'll learn

We start our journey together by building a community of trust. During our time on the course, we will learn from each other and understand just how valuable volunteering/ community work is.

The course has a base knowledge of community development and how you can develop your own practice. As a whole, the course has 10 sessions that create a pathway of knowledge to understanding yourself, how groups form and work, how behaviour in groups can present common challenges, where to find volunteering opportunities and how to develop yourself personally/ professionally through your activities.

Course entry requirements

You need to be able to read and write. You do not need any qualifications or references.

You apply via this webpage and then a meeting will be booked in for you with Course Lecturer, Becca Lloyd, who will ensure that it is the right course for you.

You can also contact Becca directly and leave a voicemail on 07890 518 607 or email

How is the course delivered and assessed?

This course is only delivered face-to-face. You will be part of a taught group across three taught hours a session for ten sessions.

There are no exams, although we do set goals, and we achieve them during the course.

The value of the course is attending every session to obtain the best that you can from it, so attendance is expected for every session.

Future career and study opportunities

This course is designed to support your aspirations. Progression can be carried into further studies and courses such as another Adult Community Learning Short Course. Other progression routes include starting volunteering in the community.

Additional costs

All course materials are provided. Please check with Learner Services to ensure that you are eligible for the course to be free.

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