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Construction Site Supervisor Level 4 City of Bristol College

Welcome to our apprenticeship programme in Construction Site Supervision!

Occupation: Construction Site Supervisor

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding career in the construction industry? Our apprenticeship program focuses on the role of a Construction Site Supervisor, encompassing various job titles such as Assistant Site Manager, Assistant Supervisor, or Construction Site Supervisor.

For those working in small to medium-sized construction companies, the roles may extend to Site Manager or Site Supervisor. These professionals play a crucial role in overseeing specialist contractors and workers on construction projects, balancing their time between construction sites and occasional office-based tasks.

Occupational Profile: As a Construction Site Supervisor, you will engage in a variety of duties and tasks essential to the success of construction projects.

Your responsibilities will include:

– Supervision of Specialist Contractors
– Learn the art of effectively managing and overseeing specialist contractors to ensure seamless project execution
– Health and Safety Standards
– Take charge of controlling and maintaining health and safety standards on construction projects, creating a secure and compliant work environment
– Progress Monitoring and Reporting
– Develop skills in recording, controlling, and reporting project progress (a vital aspect of successful project management)
– Environmental Impact Management
– Understand and implement practices to minimise the environmental impact of construction projects, contributing to sustainable and responsible construction practices
– Quality Control
– Gain expertise in ensuring the quality of work on a construction project, maintaining high standards throughout the building process
– Cost Monitoring
– Collaborate with commercial staff to assist in monitoring costs on a construction project, developing financial acumen essential for effective project management


Start Your Apprenticeship Journey with City of Bristol College 

Start your apprenticeship journey with City of Bristol College

Additional information

Who is this course for?

Are you a trainee site supervisor who is eager to cultivate the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to excel in your role? Our Level 4 Apprenticeship is tailored for individuals like you, providing a comprehensive educational experience to demonstrate your capability in Construction Site Supervision.

Why Choose Our Level 4 Apprenticeship?

Tailored for Trainee Site Supervisors:
Our program is specifically designed for individuals aspiring to become proficient site supervisors, offering targeted training to meet the demands of the role.

Comprehensive Skill Development:
Acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviours essential for effective site supervision, preparing you to bridge the gap between senior managers and on-site teams.

Project Management Expertise:
Learn to manage staff on building sites and ensure projects are completed on time, contributing to the success of construction projects.

Focus on Health and Safety:
Understand and take responsibility for health and safety on construction sites, creating a secure and compliant work environment.

Cost Monitoring Mastery:
Develop the skills to monitor costs of construction projects, an integral aspect of successful site supervision and project management.

Responsibilities of Site Supervisors:
As a site supervisor, you play a crucial role in managing staff on building sites. Your responsibilities include bridging the communication gap between senior managers and on-site teams, and ensuring projects are completed on time. Additionally, you will take charge of health and safety standards, creating a secure work environment, and monitoring costs to contribute to the financial success of construction projects.

Ready to Elevate Your Career? Enrol in our Level 4 Apprenticeship Qualification today and embark on a journey to become a skilled Construction Site Supervisor. Gain the necessary expertise to excel in your role and contribute to the success of construction projects.

Your future in Construction Site Supervision starts here!

What you'll learn

The first year will introduce apprentices to the underlying principles of simple construction and establish a foundational knowledge and understanding of site operations, management and construction technology.

Level 4 Core Mandatory Units:

Unit 1: Construction Design Project (Pearson-set)
Unit 4: The Construction Environment
Unit 7: Surveying, Measuring & Setting-out
Unit 20: Site Supervision & Operations
Unit 2: Construction Technology
Unit 5: Legal and Statutory Requirements in Construction
Unit 11: Financial Management & Business Practices in Construction
Unit 6: Digital Applications for Construction Information

Course entry requirements

The second year will be an introduction to legislative and regulatory frameworks and the building and environmental technology of framed construction.

Following completion of the Cert HE, apprentices will pass through the Gateway and will then take the non-integrated EPA comprising an online test, a project and a professional discussion.

How is the course delivered and assessed?

Once a week, you will attend college to pursue your Higher National Certificate (HNC) over a span of two years. Additionally, a trainer will regularly visit your employer to offer guidance and support in mastering the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours relevant to the workplace.

This effort is aimed at progressing towards the Gateway and End Point Assessments.

Future career and study opportunities

Completing our Level 4 Apprenticeship Qualification in Construction Site Supervision can open up various rewarding career paths within the construction industry.

Here are some potential career outcomes:

Construction Site Supervisor:
With your newly acquired knowledge and skills, you’ll be well-prepared to step into the role of a Construction Site Supervisor. In this position, you’ll take on increased responsibilities for managing construction projects, overseeing on-site teams, and ensuring that projects are completed successfully, on time, and within budget.

Site Manager:
As you gain experience, you may progress to the role of a Site Manager. In this leadership position, you will have broader responsibilities, including project planning, coordination, and overall site management. You’ll be a key decision-maker in ensuring the success of construction projects.

Project Manager:
For those aspiring to take on more comprehensive project management responsibilities, the skills developed in the apprenticeship can be a stepping stone to becoming a Project Manager. Project Managers oversee the entire lifecycle of construction projects, from initiation to completion, managing resources, budgets, and timelines.

Health and Safety Manager:
If your interest lies in health and safety, your expertise in ensuring compliance and creating secure work environments can lead you to specialise in health and safety management within the construction industry.

Construction Management Roles: Your apprenticeship can serve as a foundation for higher-level construction management roles, such as Construction Manager or Operations Manager, where you’ll be involved in strategic decision-making and overseeing multiple projects.

Entrepreneurship: Armed with a solid understanding of construction site supervision and project management, you may choose to start your own construction-related business, becoming an entrepreneur in the industry.

Remember, your career path can be dynamic, and your interests and strengths may guide you toward specialised areas within construction. Continuous learning, professional development and gaining hands-on experience will contribute to your long-term success in the construction industry.

Additional costs

This apprenticeship program is eligible for apprenticeship funding, encompassing both employer-sponsored Levi funding and government funding.

It is essential to note that apprentices enrolled in this course are required to fulfil the knowledge, skills, and behaviour elements needed to successfully complete the apprenticeship. Individuals who choose to withdraw after completing the Higher National Certificate (HNC) element will incur charges associated with this specific component. Your understanding and compliance with these requirements are crucial for the successful progression through the apprenticeship programme.

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