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Level 2 RetroFit Certificate Construction Course City of Bristol College

Unlock the future of Sustainable Construction with our Level 2 Retrofit Certificate Course!

Elevate your expertise in energy-efficient retrofits and advance your career in the burgeoning green building sector.

Join us to gain comprehensive knowledge, hands-on skills, and industry-recognized certification.

Enrol today and become a leader in shaping a greener, more sustainable tomorrow!

Additional information

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts in the construction, architecture, engineering, and building maintenance industries who are passionate about sustainability and interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in energy-efficient retrofitting.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner looking to specialize or someone new to the field eager to explore this growing sector, our Level 2 Retrofit Certificate Course is designed to meet your needs and propel your career forward.

What you'll learn

In our Level 2 Retrofit Certificate Course, you will learn:

  • Advanced principles of energy-efficient retrofitting: Explore cutting-edge techniques and strategies for enhancing the energy performance of existing buildings. 
  • Building science fundamentals: Gain a deep understanding of the physics behind building performance, including insulation, air sealing, ventilation, and moisture management.
  • Retrofit assessment and analysis: Learn how to assess existing buildings for energy efficiency opportunities, conduct energy audits, and analyse data to prioritize retrofit measures.
  • Sustainable building materials and technologies: Discover the latest innovations in sustainable building materials, systems, and technologies that contribute to improved energy performance and indoor environmental quality. 
  • Regulatory compliance and standards: Understand relevant building codes, standards, and regulations governing retrofit projects, ensuring compliance and successful project implementation.
  • Project management and implementation: Acquire essential project management skills to effectively plan, coordinate, and oversee energy-efficient retrofit projects from inception to completion.
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement: Develop the ability to communicate effectively with clients, contractors, and stakeholders to advocate for energy-efficient retrofit solutions and facilitate successful project outcomes.
  • Case studies and best practices: Explore real-world case studies and best practices from successful retrofit projects, gaining insights into overcoming common challenges and achieving optimal results.

By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead energy-efficient retrofit projects and make a positive impact on the built environment.

Course entry requirements

The entry requirements for our Level 2 Retrofit Certificate Course typically include: 

  • Basic understanding of construction principles: Familiarity with fundamental concepts in construction, building materials, and building systems is beneficial.
  • Background in related fields: While not mandatory, individuals with backgrounds in construction, architecture, engineering, building maintenance, or related disciplines may find the course content more accessible.
  • Proficiency in English: Since the course materials and instruction are delivered in English, a sufficient level of proficiency in the language is required to participate effectively.
  • Computer literacy: Access to a computer with internet connectivity and basic computer skills are necessary for accessing course materials, completing assignments, and participating in online discussions or activities.
  • Commitment to learning: A strong commitment to learning and a genuine interest in sustainability and energy efficiency in the built environment are essential for success in the course.

These entry requirements ensure that participants have the foundational knowledge and skills needed to engage with the course content effectively and derive maximum benefit from the learning experience.

How is the course delivered and assessed?

Our Level 2 Retrofit Certificate Course is delivered online through a blend of:

  • Interactive modules.
  • Live webinars.
  • Practical workshops.
  • Case studies.

Participants access course materials via an intuitive:

  • Online platform.
  • Engage in live sessions for real-time interaction with instructors.
  • Complete practical exercises and assignments.
  • Collaborate with peers through discussion forums.

This comprehensive approach ensures a dynamic learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application to foster skills development in energy-efficient retrofitting.

Future career and study opportunities

Completing our Level 2 Retrofit Certificate Course opens doors to careers as:

  • Energy Efficiency Consultants
  • Sustainability Coordinators
  • Retrofit Project Managers
  • Building Performance Analysts
  • Green Building Consultants.

Additionally, it provides a foundation for further study in sustainable design, building science, renewable energy systems, or green building certifications.

Additional costs

There are no additional costs beyond the course fee and PPE
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