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Wellbeing Course In The Community City of Bristol College

Welcome. Thank you for showing interest in the Wellbeing course. Sometimes it’s not easy to admit when we are feeling a bit lost, or that our wellbeing isn’t ‘right’. This course is a friendly course designed to focus on you and we start by building a community of trust in the group.

During our time together as a community, we are going to learn what self-trust is and what confidence is not. We are going to cover many different aspects of how we create wellbeing and make it last.

Lecturer, Becca Lloyd has written this course after working with different aspects of wellbeing for many years and created a course that shows us how we can take power over aspects of our lives.

If you are looking for a course and are not sure what you want to do, then this may be the one for you.

Additional information

Who is this course for?

This is a friendly course designed for adults aged 19+. It is aimed at people who feel they lack confidence and who wish to understand how to take power over aspects of their life and identity.

It is not therapy and we spend most of the sessions discussing the ideas together.

What you'll learn

We start our journey together by building a community of trust. During our time on the course, you will be presented with different aspects of wellbeing that combine and interlink. We look at identity and the different aspects of identity, we look at messages we send ourselves, what we listen to and how we use ‘self-talk’.

We learn how we think directly impacts our wellbeing. We challenge the word ‘confidence’ and understand its impact upon us and learn how we can master it. The whole course has 10 sessions that create a pathway of knowledge to understanding yourself and your personal power.

Course sessions include understanding how we find ourselves agreeing to things we don’t want to do (rhetoric), traps of using questions as conversation when we don’t know what to say, how to have conversations, how to listen like an expert, what matters to us and why we struggle to get on with some people (values).

We also have a session on the apology: why we need to feel restored for unfairness, how the apology is a powerful aspect of life and what jobs there are working with it (restorative justice). We cover self-reflection (and link back to the apology) as a technique to find out how to discover what’s bothering us when we just don’t know.

We also learn different ways we can free ourselves from mental and other types of unwanted clutter in our heads and lives.

Course entry requirements

You need to be able to read and write. You do not need any qualifications or references.

You apply via the website and then a meeting will be booked for you with Becca Lloyd the course Lecturer who will talk to you to make sure it’s the right course for you.

You can also contact Becca directly and leave a voicemail on 07890 518 607 or email

How is the course delivered and assessed?

This course is only delivered face-to-face. You will be part of a taught group. 3 taught hours a session for 10 sessions. There are no exams.

We do set goals and we achieve them during the course. The value of the course is attending every session to gain the best from it, so attendance is expected for every session.

Future career and study opportunities

This course is designed to support your aspirations. Progression can be into further studies and courses such as another Adult Community Learning Short Course.

You will be encouraged to make an appointment with our college Career Advisors to discuss options and pathways with you. You may feel like volunteering and getting involved with community activities.

This course is solely focused on your wellbeing so although progression is fantastic, there is no pressure to know what you want to do after the course has finished. Becca is available for pastoral care throughout the course and after you have completed.

Additional costs

All course materials are provided.

Please check with Learner Services and make sure you are eligible for the course to be free.

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