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A Level student sets up studio in garage during pandemic lockdown

An A Level Art and Photography student refused to be sidetracked by the Covid-19 pandemic, and transformed her garage into a photography studio.

Lauren Wilton, aged 17, joined City of Bristol College in September 2020 at the height of the pandemic to have a ‘fresh start’ and focus on her A Levels. September saw many students attending college through the ‘blended learning’ approach with a mix of online and in-class delivery, and with the arrival of the new year came government guidance which shut schools and colleges.

Lauren said: “Originally, studying for the subjects during the lockdown was difficult, of course, because I had to work only with what I had, but I was aware that everyone else was in the same position.”

But when Lauren had the idea to set up some lighting in her garage using some simple wood apparatus, her approach to learning completely changed.

She said: “With the lighting set up, it gave me a better understanding that you should work with what you have and to adapt to whatever situation you are in, so in the end I would be graded on something I am proud of. At the beginning of lockdown, it was hard to find a good balance, with everything which is currently going on, but I am lucky to have the support of everyone around me so I have been able to carry on.”

Lauren said she has enjoyed being back in the College over the past few months and has now collapsed her temporary studio. She said: “Being back in College means I can continue with my art and photography pieces which I couldn’t necessarily do from home, so it made a huge difference in both of my sketchbooks.” After Lauren leaves the College, she hopes to continue with her studies at university and ultimately dreams of working in the fashion photography industry.

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