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College action to protect urban foxes

Following concerns this week about two urban foxes living near our College Green campus, we are taking quick action to help protect their welfare.

The foxes do not live on the College premises but they have been entering the car park, which could potentially put them in danger.

We are therefore working with a contractor to add an extension to the bottom of our car park gates so they will not be able to access the site.

Information on an independent blog post last week falsely suggested that the College was looking to have the foxes put down. This is not correct, and never was.

We are confident that the gate extension work will not only help protect the animals, but will also assist us as we maintain our duty of care to students, staff and visitors, as we know there is a very small risk of the spread of toxoplasmosis or other infections from urban foxes.

We will of course monitor the success of the gate extension measure, and we continue to liaise with our neighbours and any relevant organisations to secure the foxes’ welfare.

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