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From home school to university: Sophie’s journey with City of Bristol College 

Sophie Hendy who is currently studying at Manchester Metropolitan University is a City of Bristol College alumni, studying our Early Years Level 2 and 3 courses with us from 2014 through to 2017.  

Originally commencing her education with home school, there was a sizeable transition for Sophie in her academic journey when progressing on to college.  
When we caught up with Sophie, we asked how it felt to have to adapt to such a different environment. She stated: “It was a bit of a culture shock at the start as I went from home school to a formal environment. You have this kind of freedom that you don’t get in secondary school. You’re your own person.’’  

Sophie was originally unsure of what path she wanted to take due to the multitude of options available to her at City of Bristol College. She also noted that the staff were very helpful when discussing the options that she could take and what this could lead to.

As a result, she enrolled on to the Level 2 course alongside working towards her GCSE Maths and English. She was very grateful to have the opportunity to take her GCSEs at the same time as her BTEC course so that she could progress with ease onto the next step of Early Years Level 3. 
Progressing from college to university was another sizeable transition that Sophie had to face, although the college was able to help her massively in preparing her for this.  
She commented: “We had lots of discussions of what we wanted to do after in classes. We also had a field trip to a university open day at The University of the West of England.”  

This emphasises the college’s aim to care for each individual student on their journey before and after studying with City of Bristol College.  

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