Apprenticeships for Business

As the largest college in the South West, we offer the most diverse range of apprenticeships in the region. Apprenticeships are a combination of work-based learning and college training programmes that fit around your particular industry base. Each of our apprenticeship programmes offer nationally recognised qualifications from shop floor to senior level management. This gives you the ideal opportunity to build your workforce from the ground up.

Every type of business, every size of business

We cater for every major business sector, so we know that we'll have an apprenticeship package that will suit your company. Though we work closely with many of the region's largest employers we are still committed to supporting our local small businesses to grow, whether through investing in existing employees' skills development or by identifying new skills to give them the edge.

New skills for your business

We don't just assess your learners - we train them to develop new skills for your business. By working in partnership with other providers and initiatives for young people, we can attract local young people and we are committed to developing local talent for our businesses by addressing the region’s identified skills gaps.

Three ways to grow your business

1. Invest in your current staff – an opportunity to up-skill and develop your current employees
2. Employ – we support you to recruit an apprentice in line with your own recruitment policies
3. Host – we recruit and employ the apprentice but they work for you and we take care of HR, payroll and performance management

Hiring an apprentice can be an extremely cost effective path to recruiting a skilled workforce, with a remarkable 98% of our apprentices remaining with their host company after their programme.

Get in touch

Interested? With more than forty apprenticeship programmes on offer, we have an apprentice that will suit your business, whatever sector you are in.

To find out more about how hiring an apprentice can add value to your business, contact the Partners in Business team today by calling 0117 3125020 or use our online enquiry form.

Strengthen your business with an apprentice

Taking on an apprentice can help develop your workforce, improve quality, increase productivity...and more!

Strengthen your business with an apprentice