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City of Bristol College apprentice excels in apprenticeship journey at Baltimore Consulting Ltd 

City of Bristol College apprentice, Rosie Johnson, is currently studying an apprenticeship at Baltimore Consulting Ltd.  

Rosie has been exceeding in her apprenticeship and developing further in her learning as she progresses deeper into her apprenticeship.  

We caught up with Rosie to understand more about her personal experience of her apprenticeship so far and how this is aiding in the progress of her career.  

Rosie commented: ‘’I am learning valuable business skills, legislation, organisation and independence from my apprenticeship tasks which I am using throughout my business career. The tasks have really helped me be able to further understand fundamentals of business and be able to implement that knowledge everyday ongoing my career.‘’ 

Rosie also emphasises how the people that she has worked with have impacted her greatly in the success of her apprenticeship. Rosie commented: ‘’Having a fantastic apprenticeship trainer and a lovely team of people at work has allowed me to easily get into the swing of things.” 

We asked Rosie if there was any advice that she would give to someone who is interested in completing an apprenticeship through City of Bristol College.  

In response, she commented: ‘’Don’t be afraid to ask questions to get a better understanding. Be proactive and productive to achieve what you want to achieve.‘’ 

To discover the apprenticeships supported by City of Bristol College, simply follow this link. You can also email the apprenticeships team directly at apprentice@cityofbristol.ac.uk

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