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City of Bristol College apprentice uncovers real passion for her career journey 

We caught up with City of Bristol College apprentice, Keeley Anderson, to understand her perspective on her apprenticeship, to learn about her experiences and the knowledge that she is continually gaining.  

Keeley commented: ‘’My confidence has grown massively, since starting my apprenticeship until now. I have met lots of new people and we all help each other out. I am learning new things every day.’’  

Keeley went from being unsure of what she wanted from her career to being inspired to develop further after her apprenticeship. She commented: “I am now even looking into completing an AAT after I complete my apprenticeship, which is nothing I had ever thought about before.’’ 

Keeley also revealed that her apprenticeship has allowed her to develop more as a person and improve upon her skillset. We asked how she overcame any challenges and she commented: “I have overcome these challenges, I have gained a lot more confidence and became more open to learning new things, and now things are going great! A big part in me gaining confidence was due to my colleagues, they welcomed me in and watched me grow!’’  

We asked keeley if she had any advice for someone who is interested in opting for an apprenticeship role. She commented: “I would say just do it! I am a different person from when I first started in the most positive ways, even my friends and family around me have noticed this. I have gained a lot of life experience in and outside of work, and I have also gained some friends for life.’’ 

To discover the apprenticeships supported by City of Bristol College, simply follow this link. You can also email the apprenticeships team directly at apprentice@cityofbristol.ac.uk

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