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City of Bristol apprentice enlightened by exciting new career path

We caught up with ex-City Of Bristol College apprentice, Charlotte Davis, to discuss her experience of completing her apprenticeship in Business Administration at The University of Bristol. 

When asked what went well for her during her apprenticeship, Charlotte stated: “I found the learning very beneficial to me as it gave me an insight into the organisation that I work in along with key learning that helped me succeed in my coursework.” 

Charlotte has now finished her apprenticeship and currently works at The University of Bristol. We asked how the apprenticeship was able to support this. She stated: ‘’I was able to step into another job role once my apprenticeship was complete with the university which allowed me to continue making use of my knowledge and skills I learnt during the apprenticeship, as well as develop them.’’ 

The support from mentors in partnership with City of Bristol College meant that Charlotte was able to be positive when facing new challenges in her apprenticeship. Talking of how she approached any difficulties, she added: ‘’Speaking with my assessor and colleagues to ask for guidance and how they would approach the task at hand, which really helped resolve any issues I had.’’ 

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