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Promoting innovation in the kitchen: Essential Cuisine hosts culinary competition in collaboration with Arthur David

In a celebration of culinary creativity and education, Essential Cuisine, spearheaded by renowned chef Gary Kilminster, recently hosted a masterclass and competition in collaboration with Arthur David, a leading supplier of fresh produce. The event, held at the City Restaurant at our College Green Centre aimed to inspire future chefs while promoting the art of cooking with spices with a strong street food influence.

Founded in 1995, Essential Cuisine has succeeded as a British-based culinary innovation. Gary Kilminster, with his extensive experience spanning Michelin-starred restaurants, brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

“Everything that we do is based on culinary principles,” remarked Gary, reflecting on the approach of Essential Cuisine.

Armed with technical pointers and an array of donated ingredients provided by Arthur David, including fresh produce, the students embarked on creating two portions of either an open soft taco or hard shell taco street food dish.

The masterclass centred around using Essential Cuisine’s spices, featuring allergen-free and vegan blends, low-fat and low-salt options. Before allowing the students creative freedom in the kitchen, Gary led demonstrations on seasoning techniques, incorporating spices into mayonnaise, and allowing students to sample the creations to deepen their understanding of the varying flavour profiles.

“We want the future chefs here to understand spices, how to use them and what is available to them on the market,” Gary emphasised, highlighting the importance of culinary exploration and innovation.

Simon, representing Arthur David, joined Gary in tasting and assessing the students’ dishes, providing valuable feedback and suggesting recipe improvements. The collaborative effort between Essential Cuisine and Arthur David underscored a shared commitment to nurturing budding culinary talent and promoting sustainable, flavourful cooking practices.

“Today is your chance to show your ideas, your personality, and your skills and bring them into your food,” Gary encouraged the aspiring chefs, echoing the sentiment of culinary exploration and innovation that underpinned the event.

As the masterclass and competition concluded, the aspiring chefs departed, eager to embark on their own culinary journeys guided by the principles of innovation and excellence.

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