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Catering students strive with ambition to deliver cuisine to British Army soldiers 

Three British Army guest chefs, two of which are from the Royal Logistics Corps, recently visited our catering students at our College Green Centre. They wanted to put our student’s knowledge and skills to the test in preparing a meal for the soldiers.  

To begin, the soldiers discussed various topics with our students, including: the creation of the army, the amount of pay, their travel and the day-to-day life as a soldier. This presentation was delivered to inspire our students and show them what they could cook to suit the needs of the soldiers. One of the chefs, Cpl Jordan, is also a chef in the army and was there to give the students an insight into the possibilities of choosing a career in the army as a chef and all of the opportunities that could follow from it.  

When the cook-off commenced, our students were given an Operational Ration pack bringing a realistic perspective to what it would be like to cook for our soldiers in the real-world. This allowed them to advance their knowledge in the catering industry and learn how to improvise with ingredients to cook a three-course meal. 

CPI Jordan is very passionate about recruiting more chefs in the British Army sector as he believes that it will be a great possibility to gain more experience and open many doors.  
He stated that: ‘’Tonight’s dinner is about challenging their learning and skills a bit further and give them the experience of finer cooking methods.” 

Following on from this, the students created a fantastic range of advanced cuisine with creativity and care put into every meal.  

After the class concluded, our students were increasingly aware of the different pathways that their catering skills can take them on and they have developed a new approach to their cooking. 

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