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Excitement sweeps the college as WelcomeFest 23 introduces students to college life

Last week, we kicked off the academic year with a bang, hosting WelcomeFest 23, an event that brought together students from all walks of life to celebrate the start of their college journey.

Held across four of our centres, WelcomeFest 23 was a vibrant and joyous affair, filled with candyfloss, popcorn, local businesses, charities and a variety of activities that showcased the spirit of student life.

Pure Gym was in attendance hosting dumbbell challenges and giving out freebies, Cass Art was offering incredible student discounts and Changes Bristol, Talk Campus and The Gym Group were a few of the stallholders across the three days of festivities.

We also hosted a stand with a ‘spin the wheel’ activity, which provided students with a chance to win some college merchandise and goodies. This interactive game encouraged students to meet and socialise, also allowing us the chance to catch up with them and find out how their first couple of days have been going at the college.

One student shared details of his daily commute from Trowbridge to our College Green Centre. He said: “I get the train from Trowbridge every day to come to college here. When I arrive in Bristol, I can then get an e-scooter from the station to college, which is funded for me by the college. The train strikes can be annoying, but it’s worth it to be here.”

When asked about his choice of college, he explained: “I chose to come here rather than a college closer to me because I felt like I would fit in the best here.”

For some students, the transition to college life can be nerve-wracking, especially when they are in unfamiliar surroundings without their friends by their side.

However, this didn’t deter a new student from joining City of Bristol College. She shared her experience, saying: “It’s my second day, and I’m still quite nervous because none of my friends are at this college. But I didn’t let that stop me; I wanted to come here.”

Talking of the event, she said: “It’s been good so far, and it’s nice to have events like this with prizes and sweet treats like candyfloss.

Another student, who recently left a school in Weston-super-Mare to embark on her college journey, described the transition as a significant step forward in her life.

She said: “I’ve come here having left a school in Weston, it feels like a big step to come to college, but I’m ready to start my course and get on with my life.”

Talking of the festivities, another student said: “This event is nice; I like the spin the wheel; it gives us all a chance to meet other students outside of our course and get to know the place.”

WelcomeFest 23 was not only implemented as a light-hearted, engaging event, it’s something that we’re proud to host to ensure that our students feel warmly welcomed and feel connected to the local community and the wider city whilst they’re able to meet new friends and fellow students.

This year’s event was the biggest WelcomeFest to date and truly set the tone for the year ahead with a warm environment and an introduction to life at City of Bristol College.


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