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Investing in tomorrow’s workforce: New apprentices welcomed at induction days

The most recent influx of our new apprentices descended on the college last week, ready to start their apprenticeships with their employers in partnership with City of Bristol College.

Over the course of two days, apprentices and their employers were invited to our South Bristol Skills Academy (SBSA) and Parkway centres for an introduction to the college.

Kicking off the first day of inductions at SBSA, Director of Apprenticeships and Employer-Based Training, Amiee Mason-Brown extended a warm welcome to the attendees and their employees who were about to embark on their journey with us.

The two days marked the beginning of an exciting journey for our apprentices towards building a promising career in fields ranging from Plumbing to Carpentry and beyond.

The induction is an essential starting point for apprentices, providing them with an overview of what lies ahead.

Apprenticeships are unique in the way that they can span from Level 1 all the way through to Degree Level, catering to a diverse range of aspirations and abilities. There’s a wealth of opportunity for apprentices at City of Bristol College.

At SBSA, apprentices were given a guided tour of the plastering and construction centres, an opportunity for them to obtain a first-hand look at the practical areas that they’ll be using.

Apprentices were then given an introduction to the layout of their course and the key milestones that define their standards. Following this, they received a health and safety briefing, ensuring that they were ready to get going safely with their apprenticeship.

Apprentices then visited a series of tables adorned with informational materials on triage, timetabling, functional skills and career guidance, setting the stage for a well-rounded learning experience.

The days had quite the buzz to them, and we managed to catch up with some apprentices who shared their motivations behind choosing the route of an apprenticeship and reflected on what brought them to this exciting journey.

For some, it’s the chance to enter an industry boasting robust job prospects. Others are drawn by the chance to earn money, gain experience, and learn simultaneously. Friendships also play a role, with some hearing about the college via peers and subsequently choosing to join us.

One Plastering apprentice said: “It’s a good industry to get into with good job prospects. I also have some friends studying at the college, doing motoring and engineering, so some of my friendship group are here, which is also part of the reason why I chose to come here for my apprenticeship.

“I can work and earn money and get experience, so it’s good all round really. I’m looking forward to learning and getting into the workplace.”

For one Carpentry apprentice, it was more of a family affair. He commented: “It’s something to do, and I thought that I would enjoy it. I’m working for my uncle, Lee Jennings Carpentry and Joinery.”

A Plumbing apprentice spoke highly of the opportunity to earn and learn at the same time, saying: “I chose it because of the chance to earn money, I can earn whilst learning a trade. I originally wanted to be a carpenter to start with, but I then changed my mind to plumbing, and here I am today.”

Whether it’s Plumbing, Carpentry, or another trade, the inductions that took place last week really did set the scene for a rewarding journey of learning and growth.

With a range of trades and opportunities to explore, apprentices at City of Bristol College embark on a path to success, guided by experienced mentors and fuelled by their own determination.

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