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Triumphant A Level student sings college’s praises

Despite facing various challenges, many of our students have certainly excelled this academic year, having strived for success.

One of our outstanding students, Teagan, has demonstrated the type of determination and perseverance that paves the way to achieve goals and push boundaries. 

She has not only excelled in academic areas but has also grown as an individual, setting an inspiring example for others.

Teagan’s journey in maths is a tale of determination, as years of unwavering dedication and a refusal to give up on herself led to her achieving a long-awaited Grade 4 in Maths; which she was incredibly proud of. 

Teagan said: “I would wholeheartedly recommend City of Bristol College as a first choice to move forward in education. The support I have gotten from my teachers and tutors in Study Plus has been amazing.”

Teagan’s A Level results further highlight her academic excellence, with a well-deserved B in Photography and a commendable D in English Literature. 

Teagan continued: “Considering all the struggles I went through, I am pleased I passed all my courses. Overall, a fantastic end to the academic year!”

Her journey with us does not conclude here; fuelled by her achievements and her passion for Art and Design, her next step is to continue her education at the college. Teagan has chosen to embark on a Foundation Art and Design course, which aligns perfectly with her creative spirit.

Teagan’s story is one of triumph over challenges, growth through persistence, and not being afraid to seek help when needed. 

Her story should be a source of inspiration to many, as she reaps the benefits of her efforts and embarks on her next chapter at the college.  

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