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Outstanding staff recognised at awards ceremony celebrating excellence

Just as excitement builds for the next academic year to commence, we are looking back at some of the brilliant achievements of our staff over the last academic year.

Our annual staff awards ceremony is a highly-anticipated event that acknowledges and celebrates the exceptional contributions made by our staff members.

This year’s winners are as follows:

The Staff Recognition Award for Enhancing Student Experience went to Ross Stinchcombe, Jen Rowland, and Muna Shafie.

Ross, Jen and Muna’s efforts have contributed to a broader sense of belonging and community amongst the student body.

The Staff Recognition Award for Excellent Customer Service went to Andy Hillberg, Nathan Richards, and Nicola Stones.

Andy, Nathan and Nicola have consistently gone the extra mile to assist students, colleagues, and visitors.

The Staff Recognition Award for Innovation or Improvement went to Amy Woodrow.

Amy’s innovative approach has inspired colleagues to think creatively and embrace change.

The Rising Star Award went to Bethany Sargent, Amelia Gregory, and Laura Sanders.

Bethany, Amelia and Laura are shining examples of the brilliant staff members that we are lucky to have at City of Bristol College.

The Team Recognition Award for Excellence went to The Exams Team and The Contact Centre.

The efforts of both teams have ensured the smooth functioning of critical operations, delivering exceptional results.

The Staff Recognition Award for Excellence went to Gabriel Dodds, Rachel James, Rebecca Coggins, and Tianna Lake.

Gabriel, Rachel, Rebecca and Tianna have consistently demonstrated excellence in their respective roles.

The Students’ Voice Award went to Bennet Dash-Brown, Mary Broomfield, Autumn Coles, and Emma Rand.

Bennet, Mary, Autumn, and Emma have played instrumental roles in ensuring that the student body’s needs are heard and addressed.

The Staff Recognition Award for Supporting Colleagues went to Slavica Talbot, Marcel Jinadu, Dale Simpkins, Liz Ellis-Hutchins, and Sarah Mitchell.

Slavica, Marcel, Dale, Liz, and Sarah have consistently demonstrated their commitment to helping their colleagues thrive.

Principal’s Recognition and Respect Award went to Anna Halama.

Anna’s many contributions to the college have positively impacted the working lives of those around her, which is why she was awarded the biggest accolade of the ceremony.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this event a success, and a big congratulations to all of our deserving award winners!

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