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A Level results: Joy as institution-wide pass rate hits 95%

A Level results day is an incredibly important day for the college; a time when we get the chance to reflect on how our A Level students have performed during the academic year. It is a monumental day often filled with celebration as our students can embark on their next steps.

With a strong focus on academic excellence and student advancement, City of Bristol College has not only maintained impressive pass rates but has also facilitated remarkable improvements in various subjects.

One of the most commendable areas is the 7% increase in students achieving A* – C grades. This uplift reflects the dedication of both students and educators pushing for academic achievement.

The Mathematics department, in particular, has every reason to celebrate, with 34% of its students attaining an A grade.

The high institution-wide pass rate of 95% is a testament to the holistic approach to education taken by the college. It showcases our blend of effective teaching, students possessing a true zest for learning, and, crucially, a supportive learning environment.

An impressive 83% of A Level students are moving on to their first or second choice of university, showcasing our success in preparing students for their higher education journey.

The 100% pass rate in multiple subjects, including Art, Photography, Chemistry, Computer science, English language, English literature, Film studies, Further maths, Geography, Maths, Media studies, and Physics exemplifies the diverse range of subjects in which the college excels.

Our recent results reveal a journey of remarkable growth and achievement. The increase in high grades, exceptional performance in mathematics, and consistently high pass rates across various subjects are all indicators of our incredible student success.

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