Exam support

We recognise that for some, the exam period can be a difficult time and can cause us to feel anxious or stressed. This page provides links, resources and information about exams, so you can find out what to expect, how to get the most out of the experience and how to manage pre-exam nerves.

Exam preparation techniques

If you’d like some support with exam techniques, our amazing catch up mentors Daniel and Govinda ran a session giving some advice and tips. Follow the link below to watch the recording.

This sessions can be accessed by listening to the recording.

Support for exam days

On the day of your exam there will be a range of curriculum and support staff available to support you. If you have any concerns or think you may need support, we would advise you to come in a little early to enable us time to work together before the start of your exam.

Online resources

The TogetherAll platform is available to all students at City of Bristol College. To access it, simply set up a login using your college e-mail (speak to Student Services if you need a reminder of your e-mail address). Togetherall has plenty of resources to help support your wellbeing, including around exam stress. The following two topics are particularly useful during exam time, but you’ll find plenty more topics on the platform:

You can find out more about the in-person and online support that we have available on our academic and wellbeing support page.

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