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About the course

The aims of this Computer Aided Design (CAD) course is to teach new CAD users the skills required to understand and use AutoCAD effectively in a CAD office environment and to reach a nationally recognised standard. This is a 2D foundation course using the Industry Standard CAD package, AutoCAD.This is a flexi course - you will be able to book 20 sessions with Autodesk Approved Instructors to use within 12 months of booking.

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that you have:

  • the ability to use Windows based computers confidently
  • a working understanding of English & Maths
What will I do on this course?

You will learn how to use AutoCAD, in 2D, to produce CAD drawings, covering the following:

  • Precision Drawing
  • Hatching
  • Creation of Blocks
  • Layer Management and Editing
  • Object Snaps and Tracking
  • Plotting from Model Space
  • Dimensioning
  • Text
  • Working with Raster images
Who is it for?

This course is for beginners looking for a first introduction to AutoCAD, or for a user who wishes to develop their basic AutoCAD skills to a nationally recognised standard. It is a cross industry course, suitable for Construction, Mechanical, Engineering, etc. industries.

How to apply

You will need an interview for this course. Interviews are held on  every Tuesday (term time only) at 4pm in the CAD room at College Green (Room 6W9). Please note that we also offer interviews during summer holidays. You don't need to book in advance, but allow at least 1 hour  - the time required depends on the number of interviewees who arrive on the day.

For further information:

Call: 0117 312 5000


How Is this course assessed?

You will work through 2 practical assessments and a multi-choice examination

What could I do next?

CAD: AutoCAD, Advanced 2D Computer Aided Design Level 3


 You will need an interview for this course 



How old will you be when the course starts?

16-18 19+
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