Student Career and Progression Entitlement

All students in the college will have an opportunity to take part in a careers and progression services that will help them understand their career options and encourage them to reach their full potential in the progression to further education, higher education and employment, starting at their application state and to the point of when they leave the college. The students can expect to receive guidance that is: 

  • Impartial

  • Professional

  • Personalised

  • Supportive

  • Unbiased

  • Accurate

  • Confidential


At application/interview

Potential students are offered an interview with a member of the curriculum team in the area where they have applied. If they are unclear about the course of their choice, they are offered careers information, advice and guidance to help them consider their existing skills and strengths and progression routes that potential courses would afford them.

Applicants are advised to consider alternative provision (within the College or externally) where it is of their best interest to do so. Employability and Progression Advisor helps to advise interviewers and applicants where there are additional considerations or extenuating circumstances. A member of Additional Learning Support team is able to discuss additional learning support needs during applicant interviews. They also attend transition meetings where appropriate and co-ordinate required support of applicants who disclosed additional support needs. Potential students who are in care receive additional assistance from a dedicated member of staff.  

On a study programme

Students are entitled to engage with the college’s careers and progression services which aims to help them: 

  • Identify and develop the transferrable skills and professional standards they need to achieve their personal development, in readiness for employment.

  • Experience the world of work.

  • Have access to employers, training providers and higher education institutions.

  • Receive high quality information, advice and guidance.

  • Have access to high quality resources that will help their career decision-making and planning.

  • Be given support with their applications to higher education or employment.

  • To feedback their views on the quality and effectiveness of careers and progression service.


Students are further supported with their progression via the tutorial programme which is developed, implemented and delivered by Head of Student Experience. Materials are updated according to need, such as the introduction of the Skills Passport for students. Students are supported in gathering Labour Market Information to help inform them of the viability of potential careers. 

Students who become aware that they may have enrolled on an unsuitable course are supported via the ‘Swap Don’t Drop’ initiative which brings together support from their area’s Head of Department, Employability and Progression Advisor and Student Services team. This helps the student to identify an alternative study option and arrange suitable transfer, supporting students to remain in college.

Some students are also supported via the college’s bursary funds and safeguarding/welfare teams, which form a part of college’s Student Services offer.  

Towards the end of students’ academic studies

Students are entitled to engage further with the college’s careers and progression services as they near the end of their course. This offer is accompanied by intensified progression related content delivered via tutorial programme, attendance at careers related events (e.g. Jobs and Apprenticeships Fair, Progression Festival etc), completion of Skills Passport, as well as a completion of progression / intended destination survey. Analysis of the survey determine the information, advice and guidance package provided to each student which may include an interview for the next level course offered by college, further advice and guidance for undecided students or those thinking about apprenticeships and employability, and support for those thinking of leaving college. The college monitors internal progression by level against its KPIs as outlined by accountability framework.