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Get a flavour of the food service industry with our catering and hospitality courses.

Do you have a passion for cuisine? Are you fascinated by the skill and precision that goes into creating a delicious dining experience? Do you thrive as part of a team? Would delivering flawless events for others to enjoy give you a buzz of achievement?

If you want to cook, serve or sell food and drinks, or plan and deliver hospitality events, our catering and hospitality courses can give you a flavour of what a career in this sector is like.

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Why study a catering and hospitality course?

We can help you learn practical skills.

Learning through practical training, you will finesse the tools of your trade so that you can step in to the professional environment of your choice, whether a restaurant, bar, cafe, bakery or hotel.

All of our kitchens and restaurants are run as modern cutting-edge businesses, meaning that you’ll pick up the latest new industry developments and trends as you learn your trade.

Our students have taken part in renowned competitions including the Rotary Young Chef, Toque D’Or, the Brakes Challenge and Wessex Salon Culinaire. Four of our students have even gone on to gain Michelin stars.

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Catering and hospitality careers and progression

There are a whole host of possible paths to choose within the industry, all of which could provide you with a diverse and varied career. For example, research shows that there is a shortage of skilled chefs in the UK.

And it’s not just at home that there is a shortage. Chefs and front of house staff are in demand the world over, meaning there are international employment opportunities for UK trained staff.

Our staff will help you fulfil your ambitions, either by guiding you towards a higher level course so you can go on to university, or assisting you into employment at home or abroad.

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Catering and hospitality courses for school leavers