About our computing courses

We have a range of IT and computing courses for adults in Bristol. We can help you:

  • begin or develop your career in IT or computing.
  • learn new IT and computing skills.

Our computing courses include options for all abilities. Specialist IT and computing course areas include:

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Computing courses for adults

Why study a computing course?

Computing and information technologies (IT) play a key role in modern life. They are at the heart of how we operate and communicate on a global, national and local level.

Computing and IT is prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives. This important subject includes:

  • hardware and products (such as our phones, computers, TVs and cars).
  • software and systems (including web browsers, office systems and design tools, social media, computer game and film production).
  • advancement of new industries (including, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data and cyber security).

Computing careers and progression

An IT or computing course can give you excellent prospects for career development. This is a fast growing, lucrative industry with plenty of job opportunities.

A career in the computing industries could see you working for large IT or telecommunications companies. It can also open opportunities for you to join an IT department for a huge variety of sectors. Self-employment is also a possible career goal.

We’re here to help you gain the qualifications, knowledge and skills you need to achieve your goal.

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