Course overview

Japanese Beginners Plus City of Bristol College

Interested in Japan’s language and culture? This 16-week Beginners Plus course follows on from our Beginners course. You will learn to talk about your home, daily life, hobbies, holidays and attending events. It is for anyone who wants to build on their understanding of basic key phrases and vocabulary.

Additional information

Who is it for?

For those wishing to take the next step on the language ladder. This 16-week (1.5 hours per week) course is designed for learners who have attended a Beginners course and are keen to continue to improve their skills.

What you'll learn

You will expand your understanding and use of simple phrases and questions in Japanese and exchange information in a range of situations. Learners will work as a class and in small groups or pairs using a variety of enjoyable learning methods and resources.

Entry requirements

To join the course you must have completed one of our beginners courses or to have learnt basic Japanese in the past and/or are able to use basic phrases or words in Japanese.

How is the course delivered and assessed?

You will be assessed via informal assessment by yourself and your tutor during the course, focusing on listening, speaking and reading.

Future career and study opportunities

Upon successful completion, next steps could include building and furthering your skills on the Japanese Foundation course.

Additional costs

You will need to buy the course book (costing approximately £20).

Blended learning

To keep our students and staff safe, we’re reducing the number of people in our buildings at one time.

To achieve this, most of our courses will include sessions taught at the college supported by online learning to help you reach your full potential.

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